Meet the Gang

Amanda & Ranger


Amanda has been one of those annoying, horse crazy girls her entire life.  You name it, she’s done it.  Hunter, jumper, rodeo, western pleasure, team sorting, pair pace, roping, trail riding, packing – so long as it kept her on a horse, she was happy.  After many horses, many miles and many years, she rediscovered her love of the outdoors and simple pleasures of exploring the world aboard a horse.  Enter Ranger – a 2007 model BLM wild horse gathered from the White Mountain HMA in Wyoming as a 2 year old.  This quirky, rangy roan quickly stole Amanda’s heart and is now her constant companion on the trail and in the ring.

Pat & Deuce


As a former Marine, Iraq war veteran, Louisiana native and die hard LSU Tiger fan, Pat never thought he’d end up spending his days on the back of a horse in the Colorado mountains.  Then one day, on a whim, Pat answered a Craigslist ad for a small, bay gelding offered for sale in Opelousas, LA.  While he wishes he could say it was love at first sight, instead he said, “If he loads up, I’ll take him.”  He hopped right in the trailer and the rest is history.  Deuce has turned out to be an excellent fit for Colorado trail life.  His Tennessee Walker roots make him hearty and fearless – much like his human partner.  You’ll notice that, because of Pat’s fondness for beer and firearms, we always include whether a trail lends itself to these activities.