As avid riders, we are always in search of unique places to enjoy the outdoors with our horses. That said, finding information on unique places to ride in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming is difficult!  

The information we did find happened to be on the very same places thousands of other940855_10154048180919180_4093242332917061510_n folks flock to on the weekends. We don’t mind sharing the trails but we also enjoy the solitude of the mountains and exploring the backcountry without navigating excess people.

Now for the catch; there’s painfully little information on horse-friendly trails that fit that criteria and even less information about the things that we as riders need to know before we go (parking, water, camping areas, dog friendly, trail conditions, etc.).

That is exactly what this site aims to rectify. We ride the trails and post the reports in order to share with you the good, the bad and the ugly so that you, too, can enjoy the backcountry with your horse!

12088393_10153822408139180_6162825164854922367_nWe’re not professionals, we don’t have fancy equipment, we freely admit there are many things we don’t know and we hope that helps us relate to the majority of you in the same boat.  We sincerely hope you find this blog helpful in planning your next ride and, if you’ve got suggestions or your own trail reports you would like to share with us, please do!  The more information available, the better!

Feel free to email us anytime: backcountryhorsemanco@gmail.com
Find us on Facebook, too!

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