The Importance of Girl Time

I’m what you’d call the “outdoorsy” type.  I’d much rather spend time in a tent than a 5-star hotel, I prefer foil wrapped meals over an open fire to fancy cuisine and I gauge how good my summer was by how much I smell like horse and the state of my Chaco tan.  The fact of the matter is, its difficult to find women who share the same interests and so I often find myself hangin’ with the boys or going solo.

And that’s not a bad thing.  In addition to being an OG (outdoorsy girl), I’m also an introvert.  A big one.  And that lends itself to alone time quite nicely.

It’s been so long since I’ve spent any amount of time with a group of like-minded women that I’d forgotten how nice it really is to be surrounded by “your kind.”

This past weekend, a group of girls and I made our way to Saratoga, WY for the weekend. 17265175_10155216538029180_3459162084689884485_n One of the girls I’ve known for a bit, one I’ve met a few times and one I’d never met.  I had my reservations about how it would go and, I am happy to report, those reservations went by the wayside 15 minutes into the trip.

When you’re in school, its fairly easy to meet new friends.  Hell, I met my best friend on the playground in 4th grade and she’s still my person.  When you go to college, you live in dorms and become close to the people in your hall, though that’s largely due to proximity, not shared interests.  After college, you meet people at work but those relationships are often hindered by not wanting to disturb your professional image by getting drunk in front of them and having it get back to your boss.

The point is, meeting new people that you could actually create a lasting friendship with is hard as an adult.  Let alone an adult woman with outdoor hobbies.

Last weekend was a chance occurrence, but one that I’m glad I took part in and one I look forward to having again.

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with Hike Like A Woman as an Ambassador for the past year.  I applied for this program not really knowing what it entailed or how it would change my outlook.

17264464_10155216538444180_4682156587548029843_nUpon joining, I found a community of women just like me from all over the world.  Since that time, I’ve joined several other groups for outdoor women and women who manage websites surrounding the outdoor lifestyle and I’ve been invited to participate in the Wild Women’s Project.  The network of women with shared interests and the effect they have on the outdoor industry (as well as one another) is truly astounding.

I have so many goals for 2017, many of which involve this website, but one of the main ones is to increase the number of strong, outdoor-loving women I surround myself with.  Because of this, when the opportunity arose to host the local chapter of Hike Like A Woman, I jumped.

You can join the Hike Like A Woman Northern Colorado group on Facebook and participate 17202921_10155216538629180_4000046715376695219_nin hikes throughout NoCo with me and (hopefully) many others.

My hope for this group is that it will allow all of us involved an easy outlet to meet like-
minded women.  Think of it as the 4th grade playground.  And, if you want to join us on the playground, our first hike is March 18, 2017 at 9am at the Lower Dadd Gulch Trailhead.  You can RSVP on the Facebook page and I hope to see you there!


8 thoughts on “The Importance of Girl Time

  1. It’s amazing how so many of us outdoorsy women are, by nature, introverts. By taking the initiative, as you have, to find others like us, is truly great and I hope will lead to many happy and memorable encounters in the great outdoors we call home.


  2. Amanda, I really enjoyed this article. I can relate wanting to spend outdoors with the gals.I recently discovered Hike like a woman and do enjoy reading it. You mentioned that you were invited to participate in the Wild Women’s Project, will you be joining their event in September for Molas Lake Camp?


  3. My hiking partner is a women who I knew in passing for a few years before we realized we both had a desire to backcountry camp. Now she is my best friend and we hike together as much as possible. Ya for finding true adult friendships.


  4. I agree. It’s even harder for women over 50, to find others their age, who take care of themselves enough to do outdoor activities.


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